Cheap international and state-to-state calls via our low-cost dial-around code 101 9898. The lowest rates and best connections.  
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How do I use 1019898?
Does 1019898 charge any monthly fees?
How is it possible your rates are so low compared to other carriers?
Do I have to pay for your tariff message?
Will I be charged for a call if there is no answer?
How much does it cost to call within the U.S.?
How much does it cost to call Country X?
How will I be billed for 1019898 calls?
How long will it take before the charges appear on my phone bill?
What is the Federal Universal Service Fee?
What should I do if I have questions about charges on my bill?
Is 1019898 available in my area?
Is 1019898 available outside of America?
Can I use 1019898 from any telephone?
What is a 10-10 number?
Do I need to switch long distance companies to use 1019898?
Do I need to keep a long distance carrier to use 1019898?
Are calling cards available?
Who is behind 1019898?
What should I do if I have additional questions concerning 1019898?
The advertised tariff is different than the tariff message. Which one is correct?
How can I be certain at which tariff I will be charged?
Can I become an agent for 1019898?