Cheap international and state-to-state calls via our low-cost dial-around code 101 9898. The lowest rates and best connections.
About us

101 98 98 is an initiative of DAR Communications; a young telecom company committed to offering both small business and residential customers the lowest state to state, cellular and internationals call rates possible. We are equipped with up to date technology and switching facilities enabling us to provide our customers with a comfortable solution and low cost alternative to the incumbent US providers.

101 98 98 is designed for anyone wishing to benefit from low cost phone calls without having to register, prepay or pay any subscription costs. Customers can immediately benefit from heavily discounted rates and furthermore before each call an automatic message will inform the customer of the call charges per minute. This unique tariff message is free of charge and therefore the customer will not be charged for the call if they do not consent to the call charges and hang up before the call is connected.

101 98 98's future objective is to expand internet presence through independent comparison sites and search engines; raising customer awareness with to the point promotion and a clear pricing structure. In addition continuous telecom market research enables 101 98 98 to develop further interconnects with other licensed operators and foreign local incumbents. By establishing more and more Points of Presence and handover points in combination with Voip technology 101 98 98 is in a position to negotiate further discounts and increase destinations to serve a wider audience.

Super deals:¢/min
afghanistan (mobile)39
anguilla (mobile)19
albania (land lines)15
anguilla (land lines)19
Customer testimonials
I have to say, I am truly impressed. Your rates are the lowest I have ever seen!
Monica, San Diego

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